Nuestro Equipo

PCS Investments fue fundada en 2006 por un grupo de inversionistas con más de 20 años de experiencia en inversiones de los mercados financieros. Ofrecemos servicios de asesoría y educación financiera profesional en el mercado de valores de los EE.UU para la comunidad del Sur de la Florida, Estados Unidos y a nivel Internacional (América Latina) a través de nuestros asociados.

Nuestro objetivo es ayudar y educar a personas proporcionando un conjunto de habilidades y conocimientos que le permiten tomar decisiones informadas y eficaces en totalidad de recursos financieros.

Nuestro Equipo

Pedro Cordero
Financial Advisor, Investor & Trader

Pedro CorderoMr. Cordero before becoming a trader and investor earned his Associate’s degree in Computer Hardware, Software and Technology which helped him succeed later in the financial and business fields. Years later after trading and investing his own money since the late 1990s, and completing numerous educational programs on investments, trading and securities founded PCS Investments to help and teach Investing in the Stock Market using the right knowledge, information and tools. He also helps clients to manage their brokerage accounts in one of the largest funds in the US, the Vanguard Index Fund (S&P 500).


David Franza
Financial Advisor & Senior Trader

David FranzaMr. Franza is a veteran trader in equities, futures, and options. David began his trading career on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade in 1992. In Chicago he placed and filled orders for institutional clients in the bustling 30 year bond pit. David also managed his personal account, floor trading financial and agricultural futures and options on futures. David mentors and trains traders in technical analysis and risk management. Mr. Franza received a Masters in Finance from Florida International University, Miami Florida, in 1999.


Lester M Canizares
Trading Coach

Lester CanizaresLester became interested in investing when he was 16 years old when he invested for the first time in mutual funds. Before becoming a full time investor, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. He now runs his own investment and capital company and has been actively trading for 5 years. His main focus is day trading, swing trading, and options. Lester joined the PCS Investments family in 2012 to reach out to the Hispanic community. His dream for years has been to teach Spanish speakers how to enter the trading world with minimal risks using the proper tools and techniques.


Lyle Cheung
Senior Trader

Lyle Cheung


Lyle is an investor, trader, and international management consultant with over 30 years experience. He has developed a conservative aggressive strategy using options, stocks and dividends. Lyle is available for one on one mentoring and consultation



Katy Fernandez
Assistant and Insurance Agent

Katy Fernandez


Katy had been an insurance agent for over ten years with excellent reputation, her customer service is beyond outstanding. She has expertise in Home, Auto, Life, Annuities and Health Insurance. Licensed and Registered with the Florida Department of Financial Services.

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